Backhands for Billy – A Huge Success!

The first fundraising event for the Billy Keane Foundation occurred on June 12, 2010 at the Aronomink Country Club. It was such a success, in so many ways! Billy’s spirit was definitely with us, as he would have loved this event. He would have been late, of course, but he would have played a little tennis and laughed at himself in doing so, socialized and given lots of hugs, stayed all night, and he would have bid lots of money on the silent auction items! You all made him proud!

The pictures of the event pretty much tell the story of the evening and speak for themselves.  We hope you take the time to view them and smile . . . (these pictures, and many others of Billy Keane and Billy Keane Foundation events are at the Billy Keane Foundation Facebook).

The event raised over $20,000, far exceeding any of our expectations! Thank you so much to all of you who came to our event and joined in the fun, and thank you to those of you were unable to come, but still donated. Speaking on behalf of the Board, I cannot begin to express the feeling of success and accomplishment we all have, in making some good things come from the loss of our friend, brother and fiancé.

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