The Billy Keane Foundation – More good work in early 2011!

The Billy Keane Foundation has several exciting announcements this month.  Before hitting the great work the foundation is doing, we want to announce that our annual fundraiser has been finalized!  Joe Conklin will be performing a night of comedy on June 11th  (please go to the “2011 Fundraising Event” link to find out more).  Also, we have officially received our 501c3 designation, so keep those corporate matching donations coming!

Now on to the works the Foundation has been doing over the past few months.  With the support of our donors (both individual and corporate), we have been able to help another family.  We know you will be touched by their story below.

Dan Webb

Dan is married to Missy and has two young daughters,  Jessica (10),  and Katie( 7).  Dan and his brother work in construction and are avid hunters and outdoorsmen.  He lives in Southampton (Bucks County), PA.    On October 4, 2010, Dan was deer hunting, and his deer stand collapsed.  He fell about 15 feet, and broke his 9th and 10th thoracic vertebrae.  They were able to surgically repair his vertebrae, but there was also a contusion to the spinal cord, which at this point in time, leaves Dan with no feeling in his legs, and in a wheelchair, which we pray will be short term.

Dan’s long term prognosis is still unclear, but he continues to make progress and work hard every day at Magee Rehab Center, to gain strength and use of his legs.  He is working so hard and is so loved by his family and friends that are supporting him.  We know you can do this Dan! 

The BKF has stepped in to make life a little bit easier for Dan and his family, by installing a much needed chair glide to the second floor of his home.  Dan will now be able to sleep in his own bedroom, a room he has not seen in 5 months! Dan Webb and Family

This is exactly the kind of help that makes the BKF seem so worthwhile.  If you are one of our donors, congratulations on being able to help Dan and his family in this way.  Your donations have helped make Dan’s life just a little bit easier!  Thank you! 

Keep working hard Dan!  You can keep up with Dan’s story on his caring bridge page at

Patti Lariccia

Patti has been blind for most of her adult life.  Yet, she continues to give of her life, to others.  When you hear her story, you will feel so good that as a BKF donor, you were able to help Patti out . . .

(excerpt from letter from Patti to BKF)

“I am totally blind and own my house in Clifton Heights. I have a full time job as a Vision Rehab Therapist and I’ve been in this job for 22 years.  As a Vision Therapist, I work with newly visually impaired adults in teaching them daily living and communication skills so they can regain their independence.  I travel every day on public transportation with my faithful dog guide, Finigan.  I put my safety in the paws of this little golden lab every day.  He’s great and is my 5th guide dog over a 25 year period.

I had a fall down some steps in my house last August and I broke both wrists.  I had surgery and am slowly recovering.  Unfortunately, right now, Finigan is staying at the school he came from since I can’t work with him yet.  I’m receiving OT and hope to be back with him by February. “

Because of her broken wrists, Patti  cannot use Finigan to get “to and fro” right now, and she has incurred excessive transportation costs to get to work every day.  Patti is in need of help, in paying some very important bills.  We are so glad that we are able to help you, Patti, so that you can continue to help others, and continue to be this amazing person that you are!  We hope your life is back to normal quickly!

God Bless all of our donors, who felt it in their heart to give to our organization.  Thank you to these recipients, who allowed us to share their stories, so that we can all  see the good things that have come from being a part of the Billy Keane Foundation. 

Billy would not only be proud, but would be blown away, by all that we’ve done in the past year in his name!  We can’t wait to see what lies ahead in 2011 and beyond . . .

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